Industrial Autoclaves

Our autoclave systems have been specially designed for pressure / temperature / humidity / bias (PTHB) testing of integrated circuits and other microelectronic materials. These systems provide pressurized, saturated vapor (100% R.H.) test environments for fast and easy monitoring of integrated circuit manufacturing processes.

Our Series I and Series II Systems provide several outstanding features at a cost comparable to many modified commercial sterilizers.

Series I Systems

Series II Systems

Express Test offers two types of autoclave test systems – our standard “Series I” and the preheating “Series II” systems. Series I  features a raised operator panel, a hinged stainless steel cover and secondary ,external pre-heaters. Two flexible heaters are wrapped around the test chamber to preheat test samples before moisture is created in the test vessel, thereby minimizing moisture condensation on test samples.

The Series II model is a very popular, economical, standard system in a low profile cabinet, and is ideal for non-electrical storage testing.