Highly Accelerated Stress Test Systems (HAST) 

Express Test is the technology and market leader in HAST testing and provides turn-key solutions including, systems, test boards, racks, power supplies, training and test services and has over 500 installations worldwide.

The Express Test HAST systems meet and exceed the testing requirements of JEDEC Standard No 22-A110. ( Highly-Accelerated Temperature and Humidity Stress Test).

Highly Accelerated Stress Test Systems (HAST)

The Hast 1000X and 6000X pressurized humidity test systems offer a fast and cost effective alternative to conventional 85/85 temperature and humidity testing for plastic encapsulated integrated circuits and other microelectronic devices.

Technology leaders in the semiconductor industry have calculated that HAST is 10 to 40 times faster than conventional testing methods. This accelerated testing leads to faster characterization, evaluation and qualification of increasingly complex microelectronic products.

Test Boards & Racks

Various Stichwire test board and rack configurations are available to provide a complete turn-key system. The Stichwire boards will provide thousands of hours of reliable operation in the harsh HAST environment. Custom Stichwire and rack configurations can be designed and manufactured for any specific requirement.

The HAST-6000X accommodates up to 30 single width test boards or 10 single width and 10 double width boards simultaneously.

The HAST-1000X can accommodate 12 single width or 6 double width boards. Other configurations are available on request.