Pharmaceutical Technology

Cleanroom Technology

  • Modular cleanrooms
  • Ceiling-suspended cleanroom modules
  • Cleanroom bridges
  • Cleanroom booths with absorption
  • Cleanroom filter fan units
  • Mobile or fixed installed units
  • Filing / weighing of liquid or solid toxic or non toxic components

Toxicity Isolators

  • Steel or stainless steel construction
  • LF Grade A or turbulent flow Grade B
  • Negative pressure -50 to -150 Pa
  • H2O2 gas sterilization (Hydrogen Peroxide)
  • Applications:
    Cytotoxic Preparation
    Filing / weighing of high active compounds

Laboratory Technology

Dry- / Sterilising Ovens

  • Temperature range +50°C to +300°C
    With air circulation
  • Mechanical or electrionic temperature control
    Stainless steel chamber

Muffle Furnaces

  • Maximum temperature +1100°C
  • Housing of stainless steel sheet, stove enameled
  • User friendly keyboard

Clean Room Technology

Laminar Flow Benches, vertical flow

  • Class 100 as per Federal standard 209e
  • Product- and person-protection
  • Optional with exhaust filter (environment protection)

Clean room drying ovens

  • Class 100 as per Federal standard 209e
  • Temperature up to 200°C
  • Inside / outside Stainless steel
  • PLC control