Burn-In Products

Trio-Tech manufactures Burn-in Systems, Burn-in Boards and Burn-in Board Testers. These Burn-in Equipment are used to subject semiconductor devices to elevated temperatures while stressing them electrically to identify early product failures (“infant mortalities”) as well as to assure long-term reliability. Burn-in Testing approximates, in a compressed time frame, the electrical and thermal conditions to which the device would be subjected during its normal life.


COBIS II bring you a step closer to an ideal burn-in system and is designed to meet MIL-specification.

COBIS II is a 48 channels high speed dynamic burn-in system that is fully computer control and monitored. It is capable of performing burn-in for memory (SDRAM, DRAM, SRAM, EEPROM, EPROM, FLASH) and logic devices.

It allows burn-in process programs to be created off-line,before burn-in. Once downloaded to the system, the burn-in set-up and monitoring will be performed accordingly.

COBIS II computer performs supervisory task of system control, monitoring and data logging. It communicates with the burn-in system via RS485.

All controls and operations of the system are supported by a windows based user interface software. It is flexible and user friendly.

COBIS II Network is a networking software which has the capability of linking up to a maximum of 32 COBIS II Burn-in Systems. The central computer oversees and monitors the status and fault of each individual system on the network. Individual system can operate independently when central computer is offline.

COBIS Burn-In System


Burn-In Board are an abstract group of PCBs designed to house the components to be Burn-In. Particular attention is paid to the fact that they are subjected to temperature stresses while begin electrically exercised. Humidity and other environmental parameters may be applied where Burn-in specifications dictates so. To meet the stringent requirements in terms of material and manufacturing standards for fabrication of burn-in boards, Trio-Tech International has:-

  • A manufacturing facility for all types of Burn-In Boards.
  • A core team of dynamic graduates spearheading the research and development of new and better material and more efficient production techniques.
  • A stringent quality control programme with awards and certificates for example ISO9001.
  • More than 21 years of growth and a vast databank of accumulated technical knowledge to draw from.
  • Facilities for computer aided design of Burn-in Boards.


  • Universal Burn-In Boards
  • Dedicated Burn-In Boards (Component Specific)
  • Trio-Tech Style Burn-In Boards
  • Customers’ Specified Burn-In Boards
  • Special Application Burn-In Boards
  • Modular Design Printed Boards

Trio-Tech Style Burn-In Boards

Customized / Special Application Burn-In Boards

Others: Modular Design Printed Boards


BIBTEST 55 System

The BIBTEST 55 System is an extremely accurate, software programmable burn-in board ( BIB) tester. Each system configuration offers 256 channels upgradeable in 128 channel increments to 1024. Each channel is user definable as BIB Edge or device pins.

Using the Autolearn and Autotest features, each BIBtest is capable of learning and testing resistance, capacitance,diodes and complex circuits to 0.1% accuracy, using 4 wire ohm measurement.

The BIBtest windows based Graphic User Interface software offers sophisticated test facilities to speed up board testing and increase throughput. Test programs can be called up from a board unique serial number, zoned boards can be automatically tested without changing the program, components common to all sockets can be tested once using the “first socket” test feature.



LUBIB 3021 Series

The LUBIB 3021 Series is an automated loading and unloading system designed to offer Burn-In Boards applications precise placement with high speed handling of various varieties of packages processed in trays. It is available in dual or multi-heads configuration, which handles most Open Top sockets. The LUBIB also has a simple conversion kit which allows the user to re-configure the equipment for different types of sockets and packages combinations.

LUBIB 3022M Series

The LUBIB 3022M Series of semi-automated loading and unloading systems is developed for the purpose of efficient loading and unloading of test units. For low volume capacity usage, the LUBIB-3022M will be the best choice.

BURN-IN BOARD Loader / Unloader

Semi-Auto Loader / Unloader



The CUBIB 7001 series is a newly designed system for the purpose of performing cleaning for burn-in boards and other modular boards. Two versions are available for wet cleaning or dry cleaning.

BIB Cleaning System