Burn-In Board are an abstract group of PCBs designed to house the components to be Burn-In. Particular attention is paid to the fact that they are subjected to temperature stresses while begin electrically exercised. Humidity and other environmental parameters may be applied where Burn-in specifications dictates so. To meet the stringent requirements in terms of material and manufacturing standards for fabrication of burn-in boards, Trio-Tech International has

  • A manufacturing facility for all types of Burn-In Boards.
  • A core team of dynamic graduates spearheading the research and development of new and better material and more efficient production techniques.
  • A stringent quality control programme with awards and certificates for example ISO9001.
  • More than 21 years of growth and a vast databank of accumulated technical knowledge to draw from.
  • Facilities for computer aided design of Burn-in Boards.


  • Universal Burn-In Boards
  • Dedicated Burn-In Boards (Component Specific)
  • Trio-Tech Style Burn-In Boards
  • Customers’ Specified Burn-In Boards
  • Special Application Burn-In Boards
  • Modular Design Printed Boards