The Artic TC series of temperature controlled chucks are used for test and characterization and failure analysis of semiconductor wafers and other components at hot and cold temperatures.

Each system comprises a temperature controlled chuck and sophisticated PID controller. Model TC2000 is provided with a cooler / heat exchanger for operation at temperatures below ambient. Models TC6000 and TC8000 are supplied with a self contained chiller.

Precision Temperature Control

Chucks are available in 4, 6 and 8 inches diameters to accommodate wafers of different sizes. The Chuck surface is gold plated and has independent vacuum lines for holding the wafers.

The ARTIC Temperature Chucks have many advanced design features which ensure excellent thermal, electrical and mechanical performance with high reliability.

Mechanical interface kits and dedicated configurations are available to adapt the ARTIC Temperature Chucks to most probing stations.

Wide Temperature Range





0°C to +200°C


Amb to +300°C


-65°C to +135°C


-65°C to +200°C


Stability +/- 0°C

User Friendly Controller
Touch Screen Operation IEEE 488.2 & R232C interfaces

Unique Mechanical

Minimizes thermal expansion

Complete Family of Chucks

Four Standard models are available.:

TC 2000 0°C to +200°C

TC 4000 Amb to +300°C

TC 6000 -65 °C to +135°C

TC 8000 -65 °C to +200°C

Chucks which operate over other temperature ranges are also available for special applications.

Temperature Chuck Weights and Dimensions


Chuck Actual Diameter Height Weight
4 inch (102mm) 4.25 inch (108mm) 1.10inches (28mm) 2 lbs (0.9kg)
6 inch (152mm) 6.25 inch (159mm) 1.10inches (28mm) 3 lbs (1.4kg)
8 inch (203mm) 8.25 inch (210mm) 1.10 inches (28mm) 6 lbs (2.7kg)

Power Requirements , System Weights and Dimension

Unit Power Width Height Depth Weight
TC 1000* Controller 115v/18A 220V/10A  

24 inch* (610mm)



7 inch (180mm)



24 inch (610mm)


50lbs (22.47kg)
RCL500 Cooler * TC2000 chucks  

115v/5A 220V/3A



24 inch* (610mm)



10 inch (225mm)



24 inch (610mm)


RCL502 Cooler TC2000/TC4000  

115v/5A 220V/3A



8 inch* (203mm)



12 inch (305mm)



16 inch (406mm)


23lbs (10.40kg)
RCL2000 Chiller TC6000/TC8000  

3 phase


21 inch* (535mm)



48 inch (1213mm)



29 inch (740mm)


390lbs (177.3mm)


*Specifications may change without notice